And so we begin…… we are starting a “new concept” for bridal in Denver.  A “design studio” for a bride and her mom where they can create their look together. We are a place for a bride to find something different, something unique to her, something where she can find “her look”.

In my opinion, bridal shopping needs a change. It really shouldn’t be like the bridal shows everyone watches.  It shouldn’t be about a “sale”. It shouldn’t feel scary or uncomfortable, or stressful or ugly. There should be more …. trust…..calm…. happy….. and creative dreaming.

A bride’s wedding gown should reflect who she is, it should make her feel that she is amazing, beautiful and very in love with how she looks. This is not the same thing for every girl. She needs to find that look and feeling. She needs to feel comfortable to explore and feel safe to do so without feeling “sold” to. To be able to trust what she hears and sees.

We hope to be that place for brides. We are a design studio. We can do anything. We have the freedom to try new things, to dream and think outside of the box, and we want to do it with you! Bridal shopping should be about a dream… and hope for a wonderful new beginning with groom.

Come dream with us… we cannot wait to meet you!


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