Grand Opening…. FINALLY!!

Well we finally made it, we opened our doors officially!! It was a wonderful event, and we had so many vendors, brides and family and friends come and support us that day.

Without many of these people we would not have made it. Thank you, Thank you, and We Love you all very much!!

Tony- what would we have done without you? You are amazing, and so talented with all the things you can do. You took an empty space and made it our new home!! Maggie, your personal touch and great eye, thrifty shopping and sharing of Tony was wonderful!!
Lluvia-LOVE you, your support, Bella, your kindness and cheerleading, your constant help and care!! Daniel thank you for all the light support,wait help (: your great support and always willing to do anything.
Del & MaryGrace- your prayers, support, money,encouragement all meant the world to me!! would not be here without you!! XOXO T
Donald-what can I say but You are the best man I know, your love for me is constant and sure, thank you for your 17%.
Mary and Luis- your care and love for Mayra and belief in our business is amazing. Thank you for believing in us!! We will not let you down.
Nat and David, you are beautiful, love you in our photos, thanks for letting us dress you up..David, you are a lucky man.
Todd & Jaimi- Thank you, THANK YOU!! Your belief and support and prayers have been so critical to us and it  touched me that you would care to share this part of my life with me!! Love you both lots and lots!!! With God’s grace and mercy we will not fail.
Louie and River- Thank you for letting your mom work all the time!!! She is the most amazing woman, designer and partner. Thank you for supporting her through all this mess, and time and believing in her and us.
Em & Lauren-Thank you for believing in me, pushing me, encouraging me to keep pushing through all the “hard stuff” and putting up with all my questions, photo shoots, moving, more questions. You inspire me daily to always give my best. XO M
Kyle & Kaleigh and Baby O- You both have always supported and believed in me and my dreams, it was you two that made me think I might be able to really do are both amazing people, and children!! Thank you for always asking, pushing, and believing and for Olive…she is my joy!!
Kari Geha Photography-Mahalo…you are wonderful, hope to work together again soon
Tanya-contemporary expressions photos, XOXO…love having you as our neighbor, thanks for all the shoots and pictures…encouragements and friendship!! 
RL Norton Photography, here is to a wonderful new friendship!! Thank you for the pictures
Joseph Keum- love you, thank you for coming and sharing and here is to a bright future for us both
 Denise thank you for all your help, willingness to come out and help a friend launch a dream, and make me laugh
Coles, your help, laughter and love is always welcome!
Levi your muscles, truck and good heart is appreciated.
Melissa your love and help and happy face and support means the world to Mayra and I.
Karis your help, honesty and encouragement always gives me hope and joy.
Bob thank you for taking the time to look at all my emails and questions and help me with the site. You are amazing.
Ferdy and Cheque thank you for your love and support for Mayra and our business.

OK, now for the Pictures….

The beginning of our dream…..where we started

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