Natalie’s Shower

Can we talk about how time just seems to fly by? Yes let’s. This beautiful young lady celebrating her bridal shower is my little niece Natalie, in fact in my eyes she’s still that chubby little baby I saw come into this world. I blinked and somehow she’s now a young lady getting ready to be married. How did that happen? It’s all made me think of how fleeting time is. As if to take it all in, I catch myself staring at my son while he plays or while he does his homework. I want to enjoy every bit of it even the activities that seem mundane because soon he’ ll be grown up.  And so before I start crying let’s talk about how we celebrated Natalie getting married!

My two sisters and I put our individual skills to work and we organized a Great Gatsby bridal shower on the roof top terrace of Emma and Grace. I won’t take time describing the food, just look at the picture below and you will get an idea of how beautiful and tasty  it all was, my sister really outdid herself!!!  We played many games and by the end we had the girls dancing thru decades in music from swing to Gangnam style, that was probably the most fun part of the night.  For the grand finale we surprised Natalie by asking her some questions about her soon to be husband, we had previously arranged for him to tell us some personal facts. The goal was to see how well she knew him and let me just say she answered most of them right.  Little did she know the last question was not one she could possibly know the answer to, it was then we read a message from her Fiancée followed by presenting her with a rose from him. I think we achieved a big surprise and many smiles from her. And now I have to stop writing and get back to making Natalie’s wedding gown… oh yes did I  mention I’m designing and making her wedding dress?!

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