Emma & Grace Gives: Atumn Hutchins

I want to use this opportunity to tell you all a little more about who we are at Emma & Grace.
There are a few things that are important to us above all other things…Hills we are willing to die on. One of them is the necessity of giving back. We are here to empower and lift up…not just the bridal industry, not just our brides but our community and the city of Denver. Emma & Grace Gives was just one of many opportunities for us to do that. We don’t ever want to get lost in the hustle and bustle that is bridal and business and forget our roots…forget what we are about…forget to give back. It might not always be something that we talk about, but it will always be something we are doing. And the moment we stop is the moment we will shut the doors!
Step off soap box.

Back to the point, Atumn Hutchins is an amazing and deserving woman.


We are so excited to have the opportunity to give her a free dress of her choosing!


 She came in yesterday for her first look at our gowns and we think she has found the one…

But it isn’t any of these…you will have to wait and see which one it is! Did you really think it would be that easy!
I know, the suspense is killing you! 
I guess you will just have to check back later…

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