Steamboat Springs Photo Shoot

Wow, I am SO behind… you can tell by the date on this blog….it has been A WHILE since I wrote anything. We have been so busy here with lots of photo shoots with wonderful people, busy with business and designing lots of new things, AND our alterations room is going 190 mph trying to keep up with all our Brides with Summer weddings……


I wanted to share some pics from some of our shoots, so you can see what we have been up to….

The gowns in the pictures is our Lovely Sarah Janks, and Mayra’s own custom design, Ruby is underneath Sarah’s beaded gown.

Steamboat_054_large Steamboat_165_mediumLove this ring, the flowers are amazing, and Pink Paisley Events did fantastic styling.

We did the veil…it was a beautiful dot swiss veil with lace….so pretty….and soft….


 We also did the flower veil as well….very springtime and feminine….


Love, LOVE this coat and suitcase…..

Steamboat_153_large Steamboat_156_large

And then there is my most favorite picture of all…….Laughter, JOY, having FUN…

it makes me remember

don’t take yourself too seriously …life is short, moments are just that….a moment and then it is gone.
Don’t let the event  of your wedding take your eyes off of the “moment” in your life that begins a lifetime with the love of your life!!

Many Many thanks to the wonderful women who pulled all this together and gave us these pictures…

Pink Paisley Events-concept and installation

Hair & Makeup Sara Bearss (and 1 of the models)

Flowers Tall Tulip

Photography Laura Murray

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