Margaret & Eric

Margret bought her dress without even trying it on. Yep, its true. And holy smokes, did she look AMAZING or what!

In all truthfulness, she did kind of try it on…she came to Emma & Grace several times trying on multiple YolanCris gowns but couldn’t find anything! There were multiple aspects of several YolanCris gowns that she loved but none of the dresses seemed just right on their own. So we went to work searching for something that would bring together all the things she was looking for.

It turned out that YolanCris (awesome designer by the way!) had a gown that seemed to be the perfect combination of the ones she liked! The problem was that we didn’t carry that dress. So Margaret took a leap of faith and bought it anyways. Take a look at how great it turned out! We think she made the right decision šŸ™‚

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photography: Kerry Sherk

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