Pinterest in real life

Addicted to Pinterest? Wonder how anyone ever planned a wedding before the invention of Pinterest? Us too. So we decided to create an event to help connect people like us with great local artisan designers featured on Pinterest and Etsy. Come bring your Pinterest dreams to life!

Here is a sneak peek at some of our vendors!

Chatham and Caron-Letterpress

il_570xN.566964322_tgng_large il_570xN.584562542_ijfk_large il_570xN.584677377_cy1v_largeGem&Blue-jewelry

il_570xN.479813650_3pwj_large il_570xN.589037458_e59x_large il_570xN.601548671_i85d_large

Trumaker & Co.-men’s custom shirts

tumblr_n4rmx0ad4A1rhw7lco1_1280_large tumblr_n44w6lHzjX1rhw7lco2_1280_large tumblr_n44w6lHzjX1rhw7lco4_1280_large

Just wait! This is only a taste of what is to come! The event will take place Sunday June 29th from 12-4pm.

 Buy your tickets HERE!!

Yummy food and drinks will be provided!

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