The Love behind Truvelle…Gaby

Truvelle is one of our favorite lines! Not only are the dresses made flawlessly they are romantic, soft and beautiful. On top of all that, the designer behind the beauty is an absolute joy to work with! The care and love she puts into making each gown is unmistakable. But don’t take our word for it…let Gaby tell you about it herself in this exclusive Emma & Grace interview! Also, how adorable is her studio!

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What are your goals for Truvelle?
For the brand, I’d love Truvelle to be synonymous with effortless gowns at a reasonable price tag – without sacrificing quality. For growth, I want Truvelle to be stocked in boutiques worldwide, and perhaps have a few brick and mortar stores as well! I don’t care much about getting rich, nor do I care about unattainable prestige. I just want to make it easy for girls who want a Truvelle dress, to have a Truvelle dress.

What can we look for in next seasons designs?We just dropped our 2015 collection, and as you can see my love for sequins and almond coloured chiffon prevails. I do have a couple of ideas for 2016, but I won’t give that away just yet 😉

How did you get into designing bridal gowns? How long have you been in the industry?I grew up in the wedding industry, but it took a university rejection letter to get me to start dabbling in it. My mum had a boutique in New Westminster, Canada which specialized in custom wedding gowns, and since I had a lot of free time after high school I helped her out. I designed a few gowns, which ended up being the only ones we sold all season, which in turn gave me confidence aesthetically. I spent the next few years custom making wedding gowns, and though I loved working with individual clients and sewing each gown myself, my passion lay in design. I left that custom dress shop last spring, and launched Truvelle in October of 2013. It’s been an amazing ride since!

What is your favourite dress that you have created?It changes all the time, but right now I’m really proud of Nicolet. I’ll also always have a soft spot for Julia & Eden.

What is your favourite book or tv show?I don’t own a TV, and have never been one to religiously follow a show. However, when I was doing all the cutting and sewing during Truvelle’s early days, I finished Breaking Bad & the third season of American Horror Story – admittedly for the pop culture references. It’s not a book, but Kinfolk Magazine takes the cake for go-to reading material!

What is your guilty pleasure after a long day of work?I genuinely enjoy sitting at a coffee shop with my computer, doing more work. I juggle a million things during Truvelle’s studio hours, so time alone for fresh ideas & new plans feels really good.


Check out the 2015 collection HERE!

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