What is your “body type”…. or NOT

Being in the bridal business I hear a lot of talk about “body type” and I see tons of articles about what “body type” looks good in what styles. I think I have been doing this for too long because I hate that question…..who really knows what their “body type” is? Even if you do know why do you have to be confined to what some magazine tells you your body looks good in? What if you don’t like what your body type “should” look good in.

 SO, Let’s change the question…..

What do you like about your body? What do you want to highlight or show off? Now that is a question I like! And it is a question that most Brides can answer that pretty quickly. So let’s start there.

If you like your bust line, and or you would like to accentuate that part of your body…be it small or medium or large….Let’s talk……

 This particular dress is  great on a bustier girl that would like to minimize her bust because of the way the cup comes up high in the front. This gives you more coverage even though it has a deeper V. It also has great pleating that starts at the waist and flows up to the bust which makes your whole upper half look small. Bustier girls also need to remember that most wedding gowns come in a standard B-cup size which will often make you look like you are spilling out of the top. Most couture wedding designers will make their dresses with a custom cup size. Make sure to ask your stylist about this when you are trying on gowns.


A subtle sweetheart with scallops or lace edging or a scooped neckline also look great on bustier girls! It tends to minimize and show less cleavage without a strap.

Illusion necklines are another great option if you have a larger bust and want to minimize it while still looking very elegant and trendy. It minimizes cleavage and gives you extra support.

A deep sweetheart will make a small bust look larger, giving the illusion of a larger cup. You can also have cups sewed into this dress to act as a push-up and give you some cleavage.


Beading, appliqué and other embellishments on the bust will also emphasize the bust-line and draw the eye to that area. These types of embellishments are often on dresses with smaller bodices or cups which also tends to look much more flattering on women with a smaller bust.

Another great option for a girl that would like to look a little bustier than usual is a straight neckline. This pictures shows a dress with tulle, which is one option but a satin or crepe bodice looks especially great because there fabrics are thicker and have a little shine.

Okay, so we’ve given you some information about bust. Next time lets talk about accentuating a great back! We will show you the best low-back dress for all different figures.

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