Margaret’s YolanCris gown was absolutely perfect on her. She was stunning and totally unique. In fact, Margaret ordered this dress without actually trying it on first! It was definitely meant to be. Her Santa Fe wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful!

EQANYVJpEpk7LSwsFw34nfHf95UueJzmdNSJz5V_JO4 Q58siCwPUaP5qKUnRcQBnmyuCYe0M8fuSiUfomP78fU rQu8-CoOlHN5QMzDeU1GJj39s2JLC7QbuImjqttHTM8 m4FUI530VMCeATCDfOyVLAKEPb3Em1hyE1ePSTabJTg qVvTHn3ERidKOzgAVyZxfuQrr11dj_JJEpNv0thHcmw uYLA49gmP_tDg4dMm59cogpoKsRIG3OyXuFQIFWiJbgkASjiP4OPOgbqxThcD8qWJBkJ8sBYp9Smn2AIJ4cmU8 Z6hS6_HXXunnFxo_t0ReIf1HkLmRn50zdDR6SXS29do


Dress: YolanCris

Photos: Kerry Sherck Photography

Venue: Pacheco Canyon & Rancho Eucautado Four Seasons

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