I AM BOLD – Lesley


Lesley chose an Anaiss gown with a traditional silhouette and a bold twist! The bodice of the gown was unlined leaving is sheer and a touch see through. It was stunning! And perfect for Lesley!fm1Q_XUJJEUCdrq_ASfFwbt7nSuMmu6o1PVanNa8r1w 1fWAQqqoXQnKabI3Ct1DUIYYQXJFM8OlSKQopAo_7aQ A2AwDy-B46Vkqn5DvDMh7M0msJFd9PhPlPj2c-z_tig r2ZzqBAjTj8vvAmVlPPk0kCviFH-DsDayllCtXpe8EU,i6FLDuzC7P6oSu00vlm60ny3YsZOyIUvhbe7Q68dcTs,HpoSO4WBvMgTm8x0OUKUbzHL5GbkQAeDqsMF6Nynlns V8aZYKnwHJvRo0iv8KPe07q2-jSnx6p2m4o_OnNu6FI

 Gown: Anaiss

Photos: Preston Utley Photography

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