Sarah Janks

A study of nonchalance, she moves from sophisticated to sexy with ease. Her wardrobe is a playground of silk and texture with which she expresses who she is in that moment. A beautiful contrast of strong and vulnerable, she is confidant. She is unique.

– House of Sarah Janks on the “SJ Woman”

It is no secret we absolutely love our Sarah Jank’s gowns! They are perfectly designed to accentuate a bride’s body and personality.  Sarah learned the tools of the trade at the London International School of Fashion. Later, while relocating to Sydney, Sarah launched her first bridal collection in 2011. We are lucky to carry many of her gowns with varying styles, ranging from simple and sophisticated to care-free and bohemian. With delicate lace and intricate beading, these gowns are show-stoppers!!

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These dresses are truly stunning! Click here to see more beauties from Sarah Janks!

Lovely pictures by Jen HuangKatie Jane PhotographyRyan Rey PhotographySelah PhotographyPaula O’ Hara PhotographyKatie Grant, Edwina Robertson Photography, and Khanh Hogland


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